I see you as you come
And I see you as you go
But I still wonder though
Do you even notice me?

I’ve watched you before
How you act – how you talk
And now I sit here in confusion and wait
You’ve told me about this Love
But you’ve failed to show me its trait

It seems to me like all you really do
Is seal those lips and turn away
But if your bumper stickers are true
It sure seems like you should have something better to say

I’m searching
But I can’t seem to find
the faith you possess
in the words you profess
Where there should be life in abundance,
All I hear is deafening silence

My ears yearn for a spark of life
An ounce of something true
But here I sit and there you hide
Speechless, comfortable, you

You keep that Gospel locked up tight
Like you’re hoarding some kind of wealth
But tell me neighbor,
If the roles were reversed,


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