The Footie Epidemic

They are gross. Even the pretty ones. Gross.
This is just a personal opinion…but I believe the only right opinion.

Here’s my question:
Why do we take so many pictures of our feet?
I call them footies. No, not the pajamas (those are sweet, though!).
A “Footie”  is a foot selfie.

Living in Michigan, I’ve noticed that every season has its very own “footie”.

Winter: “Look! My feet are buried in snow”
Spring: “Check out my awesome new shoes”
Summer: “I’m at the beach…again”
Fall: “Woah! There are leaves on the ground.”

Please understand that I am not innocent in this matter. My feet, in all of their ugliness, have popped up on social media in the past and I’m sure they will in the future. Still, this has made me wonder, why do I want to a picture of my feet with other people?

Imagine with me for a moment –  a world without footies

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and a silver haired couple
gather their three grandchildren to look at photo albums.
The kids climb onto the back of the floral couch as Grandpa
flips through decades of  faded memories.
He notices that Grandma seems dissatisfied with the pictures in his lap
and he asks her what is wrong.
Grandma whispers with tears in her eyes,
I just wish I could remember what my feet look like.
If only I had taken more pictures as a memory.
If only…”

Seriously, is it really important?
Feet are just feet.
Yet we feel the need to constantly update the world on what our feet are up to.

Twitter Update:
* Leftie went to the grocery store today. Rightie tagged along too. #Target

* Please pray for rightie. He lost the war against the edge of the bed this morning. Leftie is picking up the slack though. #Clumsy

I’ve seen footies of all kinds.
Feet at the beach, toes in the sand.
At the hospital.
Next to our significant other.
In crystal clear water.
After a fresh pedicure.
In the mud.
Hiking in the woods.
Working out at the gym.
Binge watching Netflix.

Why do we feel the need to do this?

Maybe sometimes we really want to show off our new kicks. But I believe it’s something much deeper. It’s MOVEMENT. It’s about declaring to everyone,”I’ve been somewhere worth mentioning. I want everyone to know that I haven’t just stayed out. I’m here.”

Humans crave the feeling of motion – movement – the forward chugging on of life and accomplishment. Admit it. No one really likes to look back and see that they haven’t moved or improved in ____ years, do they?

We crave the idea that we have gone somewhere. That we aren’t just stagnant pools of predictability.

But here is the problem: We’ve gotten so preoccupied with where our feet are that we have started to lose our heads.

Think about it.

Sometimes life is boring.
Sometimes life is excruciatingly difficult and wracked with pain.
Sometimes life looks better when it’s lived out in someone else’s body with someone else’s bank account.
Sometimes life isn’t what we expected. Isn’t what we wanted. Isn’t what we dreamed.

So we proclaim our movement!
We shout with all the glory of a well executed #humblebrag that we are doing something….even when we aren’t. We feel pressure to tell the world what our feet our up to because if we are truly in the moment, we find ourselves walking on this terrifying line of realizing that our moments, our lives, our hearts, and our minds are not as free, beautiful, passionate or world-changing as we once hoped they were.
So we take the footie without shame. Why?
Because to tell the world that you are doing something worthwhile, even if it is a small lie, feels better than the world showing you that you haven’t done anything worthwhile and having it be fully true.

I get this footie epidemic, folks.
No, that is a gross understatement.
Gross because, well…feet.
And understatement because…I embody this.
I AM this.

A huge chunk of my inner struggle can be summed up with this Cookie Monster Quote:

“Today, me will live in the moment. 

Unless the moment is unpleasant,
in which case me will
eat a cookie.”

I will tell you until I’m cookie monster blue in the face that I am spontaneous and easy-going and content and that I can live in the moment with inspiring 20-something gusto.
But its all a lie.
I’m just the blue guy clinging to the cookie moments instead of living fully.

I’m the one who posts pictures of my feet instead of diving in deep to the beauty of every breath.
I’m the one who only enjoys living in the moment until I feel suffocated by worry and anxiety.
I’m the one who will shout from the rooftops what I’m doing because I’m so concerned that I’m really not doing anything, changing anything, or making a difference in anyone.

Something has to change for me. For you.
A friend who I respect told me once to do a head check.
As a pastor with a perpetual mom sensor that goes off, I thought she meant that I needed to count every head to make sure no one was being left behind or missing.
But she wasn’t talking about other people’s heads.

She was talking about mine.

When you’re feeling like a cookie monster sometimes you have to do a head check.


Do a head check.
Am I present? Am I okay with living this moment to the fullest even if it means that I’m not necessarily seeing every one of my wildest dreams come to fruition? Am I brave enough to tackle this moment head on and live in it with ferocious zeal even when all I want to do is run to the kitchen and set the new world record for cookies eaten in a minute?

I haven’t been. I haven’t always been present, or okay, or brave or zealous for this life.
But I am a work in progress.

I will be present and okay, and brave and ferocious and I will only have 2 cookies instead of 12.
I can do this. I’ve got this.

And so do you.

“Keep your eyes on the stars & your feet on the ground”
| Theo Roosevelt |

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