Come Closer: A Call to the Far Off Ones

I have something to tell you, Far Off One
You probably won’t like it
if you listen at all
But this idea you have in your mind
is so terribly false

You’ve disqualified yourself
from receiving my grace
But I’m telling you, Far Off One,
you’re the one making it this way

Because you’ve made so many mistakes
Now you think your approach is useless
You’re dirty, you’re broken
But it’s time to stop making excuses

Remember, I know everything about you
Your doubts, your sins, and every hair on your head
Yet when I approached with arms open
My child, you fled

You turned so quickly on your heels
and imagined me stunned
But I am seeing who you are
When you can only see what you’ve done

And you’ve done quite enough, haven’t you love?
Don’t think I can’t see! Don’t think I don’t hear!
But none of those things have sent me running
I haven’t moved,
I’m still here

I never sent you away
I’ve never told you to leave
Even as I send my children to the ends of the earth
I am beckoning them to draw near to me

Remember, long ago the invitation you acquired?
What has suddenly changed
to make you think
that my welcome has now expired?

In light of your actions
and in the fog of your flesh
You’ve banished yourself
Deemed your life a worthless mess

Of course I want you to trust me,
to find life, and believe
But if it has to start somewhere
let it start with a small step toward me

Let it start with you stopping,
dead in your tracks
with mud on your heels
unbearable weight on your back

Turn around, Far Off One
and catch mercy’s gaze
I’ve made a career
out of welcoming wayward strays

I have opened my arms
to receive the least of these
I’ve loved the most stubborn of sinners
with grace and with ease

I have pursued the prodigal son
and the single lost sheep
Your dirt and your stain?
They are nothing for me

You think I’m pushing you away when I’m doing the opposite
As you shout, “He doesn’t want me. I was better before!”
I reply on a loop,
Oh, but I’ve never wanted you more!”

So you can shout to the heavens
and weep into your sheets
Hit the ground running
and decide your only option is to leave

But my child
can’t you see
that who I am is so much greater
than what you think you know about me?

Regardless of what you think
It won’t stop my pursuit
These things don’t change who I am
And this loving invitation will remain absolute

You can make excuses and scream, “It feels useless
But I assure you child that whatever wrong you may do
It’s not me who has moved further away,
No…it’s always been you

You can put words in my mouth all you want
Make me a puppet of your self-inflicted shame
But you won’t get far enough
from this love that can’t be tamed

You can keep running away
from me and all you’ve done
But all you’ll hear me say, Far Off One
is come closer

come closer

this love can’t be outrun



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