My eyes stretch open today as first dawn peeks its way through my flimsy curtains.
I’m awake. I hope you’re trembling.

I stare at the ceiling and take a deep breathe in.
I’m alive. You better start running.

I sit up straight and swing my feet over the bed.
I’m ready. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.

I stretch my arms out and let His words awaken everything in me.
I’m His. You can’t stop me.

My feet hit the floor and we do this dance again.
I’m coming for you. This means war.

I’ve failed before, as you are so quick to remind me.
I’m weak. But I don’t fight alone anymore.

So I wake, I stretch, I breathe, and I begin another day
Because the possibility of victory is more than enough for me to
swing my legs out of bed
plant my feet on the ground
and rattle those dirty gates of hell once more.

Good morning, deceiver.
How does it feel to lose?


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