What If They All Came True?

I sat with my legs crossed in front of the television set and leaned in as if it were a close friend preparing to whisper a secret.

The movie was Liar Liar. The scene was Max’s birthday party.

{ I won’t worry about spoiling it for you because if you haven’t seen this movie you have a bigger problem than your favorite blogger giving away the plot.}

After facing another disappointment at the hand (or claw) of his father, Fletcher, Max is given an opportunity to make a birthday wish. He sits floppy haired before a glowing birthday cake and thinks about the one thing he wants to change.

He doesn’t want his dad to be able to lie anymore.
So, he closes his eyes and makes a powerful wish that sets the whole plot on motion.

And you know what the crazy part was? His wish came true!

I didn’t know why or how it came true, but you better believe the next time my birthday came around I was bolting to my birthday cake like…well, like a fat kid who loves cake.

I wanted to make a wish.
And I wanted my wish come true.
And I wanted my wish to change things.

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you”

At an early age we are taught to wish.

It may come in the form of a star dashing across a charcoal midnight sky.
A tarnished penny flipping head over heels into a cool fountain.
A dandelion seed blowing into a July breeze.
A burning mini torch symbolizing another year of life.
A lucky lady bug on a child’s shoulder.
An eyelash on a hopeful finger.

Whatever form it may take,
we have been given permission to wish and to wish frequently.

Here are two important things I’ve learned about wishing:


The sheer number of wishes I’ve made is outrageous.

When I was younger and it was time to blow out the candles on my birthday cake I would literally try and say as MANY things as humanly possible because I wanted to make sure everything was covered.

I wished for happiness, safety for my family, money for my parents, popularity, beauty, brains, food for everyone in the world, a pony, a dog, a car, curly hair, blue eyes, and for everyone to live in peace and love and rainbows forever and ever amen! (OK, that may have been a paraphrase but you get the idea.)

The sheer NUMBER of wishes that we make in a lifetime is outrageous.

Big ones | Little ones
Serious ones  | Silly ones
Selfish ones | Selfless ones.

Now, I’m not saying that all wishing is bad.
When we have children of our own I will encourage them to dream and wish and hope and
speak out the desires of their hearts with every ounce of imagination their little bodies can hold.

But, one thing I will also tell our children is that
there is nothing more powerful than prayer.
I will encourage them to speak out their dreams and hopes and desires to the Father
because He cares for them.
And I will remind them whenever they are feeling down,
that not even the most eloquent wish can compare to the power of our God.

I can’t help but ask myself this question:

How much would change if we took our wishes and took them to the feet of Jesus?

How would our world look today if instead of wishing away our problems and wishing for easier lives we prayed for strength and prayed for God’s will?


Maybe for Max it worked out in the end.

But I am thanking the Lord today that every ignorant, selfish, vain,
and childish wish I’ve made hasn’t come true.

What if every wish I’ve made came true tomorrow?
What if every wish you’ve ever made came true tomorrow?

Sure, if all my dreams came true I would be a size 7 and rocking my curly locks on a beach somewhere in Australia. But I also would be a spoiled brat, without responsibility, without growth, and probably without a relationship with Jesus.

Be careful what you wish for.

One thing I am more than sure of is this:
There is a God who’s ways are FAR higher than mine
and who knows FAR better than I do what is good for me.

He knew that I wasn’t supposed to marry my 3rd grade crush after he chased me down on the playground. I wished for it. But if I had gotten that wish, I wouldn’t have my wonderful husband who pursues my heart daily.

He knows that I’m not supposed to weigh 140 pounds. I’ve wished it (along with many other vain hopes). But if I had gotten my wish I would not only be unhealthy but I wouldn’t understand how to take care of my body.

He knows that I am not supposed to be a famous dancer or a world traveler writing books (at least for now). There are times that I wished that. Honestly, times I may have even begged for it. But if I had gotten my wish I wouldn’t get to feel the sweetness of being in His will or the beauty of helping to build His Kingdom.

He knows all of this because He knows me.
He knows me better than I know me.
He knows you better than you know yourself.

Instead of tossing a penny in a fountain
I choose to throw myself at His feet in surrender.

Instead of closing my eyes and blowing out the candles on a birthday cake,
I choose to close my eyes and pray for the breathe of God to blow in my life and change me from the inside out.

Today, instead of wishing on a star
I choose to pray to the One who hung them in their places.

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